Equipment Customization for Cement Grouting

Equipment Customization for Cement Grouting

Location: Mount Pleasant, NY
Sector: Utilities
Category: Cement Grouting, Chemical Grouting


A municipal water supply organization was constructing a large water treatment facility situated on the outskirts of New York City. Construction crews encountered a leaking bypass pipe at a depth of 400 feet below the surface between two adjacent deep water supply shafts.

Multiurethanes grouting specialists supported decommissioning operations undertaken by a deep dive contractor to fill the defective bypass pipe using cement grout.  In addition, they prepared customized electrical equipment for this underwater grouting project, including a diesel generator and an electrical control panel with variable frequency drives to operate colloidal mixer, agitator tanks, and progressive cavity pumps.

Cement Grouting for Drill Hole Abandonment Ontario

Cement Grouting for Drill Hole Abandonment

Location: Chapleau, ON
Sector: Mines
Category: Cement Grouting


We assisted a drilling contractor by providing technical expertise, grouting equipment and materials to complete a drill hole abandonment operation at a gold mine in Central Ontario.

The mining company required exploration drill holes to be fully cemented after completion of drilling to the required depth while minimizing loss of cement into the adjacent rock formations. Ground conditions included open faults and fractures that allowed drilling fluids to migrate between adjacent holes.

Our crew worked together with the contractor to efficiently apply the required grouting solution and minimize any negative impact on the environment.

leak sealing in underground chamber

Leak Sealing in an Underground Chamber

Location: Toronto, ON
Sector: Utilities
Category: Chemical Grouting, Crack Injection


A utility contractor needed a permanent solution to fix an underground chamber that was prone to repeated flooding through leaking pipe penetrations.

Multiurethanes’ technicians used chemical grout to fill the annular space around the pipe penetration and fix the source of the water inflows.

Chemical injection to repair construction joints

Chemical injection to Repair Construction Joints

Location: Russel, MB
Sector: Heavy Civil
Category: Chemical Grouting


A general contractor in western Manitoba required grouting expertise to stabilize an extra-large construction joint (250 m long) on a dam rehabilitation project. The concrete had started to deteriorate, creating small voids in the joint.

We provided technical support to repair the joint using Multiurethanes Universal resin to prevent water from entering and causing further damage.

The chemical grout filled the voids, stabilized the joint and provided protection against water penetration.