leak sealing in underground chamber

Leak Sealing in an Underground Chamber

Location: Toronto, ON
Sector: Utilities
Category: Chemical Grouting, Crack Injection


A utility contractor needed a permanent solution to fix an underground chamber that was prone to repeated flooding through leaking pipe penetrations.

Multiurethanes’ technicians used chemical grout to fill the annular space around the pipe penetration and fix the source of the water inflows.

cellular grouting backfill undground casings

Cellular Grouting to Backfill Underground Casings

Location: Toronto, ON
Sector: Infrastructure
Category: Cellular Grouting


A project to improve the electrical system in Toronto’s downtown core is currently undergoing and involves the construction of new cable chambers and concrete encased duct banks.

The contractor required a grouting solution to backfill underground casings and control ground water migration into the excavation site, adjacent to Lake Ontario’s shoreline.

Our experienced grouting specialists designed and successfully executed a cellular grouting program, using a mix of cement and foaming agent, suitable for this particular type of application and site conditions.