fill stabilization around underground chamber

Fill stabilization around a manhole

Location: Toronto, ON
Sector: Utilities
Category: Chemical Grouting, Crack Injection


Loose fill surrounding a manhole structure required stabilization. Multiurethanes technicians injected Universal Resin through vertical injection pipes to stabilize the fill prior to cutting through the structure wall.

Leak sealing and crack injection around industrial pipe penetrations

Crack Injection around Industrial Pipe Penetrations

Location: Kapuskasing, ON
Sector: Infrastructure
Category: Crack Injection


A large contractor was looking for a uniquely qualified partner to complete concrete crack injection work at Little Long Generating Station, a remote Northern construction project.

This job involved precision drilling work for crack injection to avoid the unknown conduits and pipes buried within the structure. Multiurethanes experienced technicians completed the project professionally and on time.

cellular grouting backfill undground casings

Cellular Grouting to Backfill Underground Casings

Location: Toronto, ON
Sector: Infrastructure
Category: Cellular Grouting


A project to improve the electrical system in Toronto’s downtown core is currently undergoing and involves the construction of new cable chambers and concrete encased duct banks.

The contractor required a grouting solution to backfill underground casings and control ground water migration into the excavation site, adjacent to Lake Ontario’s shoreline.

Our experienced grouting specialists designed and successfully executed a cellular grouting program, using a mix of cement and foaming agent, suitable for this particular type of application and site conditions.