Aroldo has over 9 years of experience as a mechanical technician and grouting specialist. His career in the construction field started as a technical writer and is currently specializing in machinery and equipment assembly, installation and operation.

His understanding of all aspect of the grouting process and his proven experience in the maintenance and operation of cement and chemical grouting equipment, allows Aroldo to constantly engage in major projects where specialized techniques like void filling, crack injection, soil stabilization and water cut-off are required.

Aroldo’s consistent approach to problem solving, strong work ethic and his commitment to safety makes him a valuable member of our team.



Work History

2015 to date

Mechanical technician
Multiurethanes Ltd. - Mississauga, ON
Multiurethanes Inc. - Buffalo, NY

2009 - 2014

Mechanical technician; employed by various construction and service companies.
Waterloo, ON

2007 - 2008

Technical writer
Multiurethanes Ltd. - Mississauga, ON
Multiurethanes Inc. - Buffalo, NY

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Technical Skills

Diversified hands-on expertise in specialty grouting solutions for the control of water inflows, restoration of concrete structures, crack injection and void filling

Knowledge of grout material selection including grout formulations and application of concrete repair materials

Proven ability to adapt specialty grouting techniques and equipment to accommodate confined space, extreme weather, remote location and other difficult or unusual site conditions

Operation of grout mixing and pumping equipment for cement and chemical grouting

Grouting equipment maintenance and repair


 Hands-on technical experience with cement and chemical grouting operations

Control of water inflows through leaking concrete structures, construction joints, expansion joints and rock fissures

Training and supervision of contractor personnel for grouting equipment assembly, operation and maintenance

Water control applications for tunneling, utilities, and infrastructure projects

Cellular grouting

Chemical grouting

Cement grouting

Safety Certifications

Standard First Aid

Confined Space Entry

Fall Protection Awareness

Lift Truck Operator

Working at Heights

CN Rail


Aroldo Gomez’s Projects

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