We implement Soil Stabilization techniques based on the injection of polyurethane resins in excavation or shaft collar construction projects to prevent soil liquefaction.
Microfine cement is also used for soil stabilization projects,
such as deep excavations in water bearing soils.

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Stopping flowing quicksand beneath shored excavations

Soil grouting beneath existing foundations

Soil stabilization for caisson walls and sheet piles

Deep excavations in water bearing soils

Soft ground tunneling

Tunnel construction

Wastewater systems

Soil Stabilization Projects

  • soil stabilization Billy Bishop airport

    Soil Stabilization Program using Sodium Silicate

    Toronto, ON
    Provided technical services to implement a soil stabilization program when loose sands were encountered during a directional drilling project beneath an active airport apron.
  • void filling and soil stabilization waste water treatment plant

    Void filling in a Water Treatment Plant

    North Bay, ON
    Provided technical services to fill voids and stabilize soil underneath a footing, during an expansion project at a wastewater treatment plant.
  • soil stabilization grouting program in airport

    Grouting Program for Soil Stabilization

    Toronto, ON
    Applied a chemical grouting solution involving sodium silicate, delivered through sleeve pipes, after surface voids formed during a directional drilling project beneath an airport construction job site.
  • fill stabilization around underground chamber

    Fill stabilization around a manhole

    Toronto, ON
    Loose fill surrounding a manhole structure required stabilization using crack injection to stabilize the fill prior to cutting through the structure wall.
  • Pressure grouting for railway repairs

    Pressure Grouting for Railway Repair

    Toronto, ON
    Our technical team developed a solution to lift train track crossings on wood ties by pressure grouting under the tracks. This new approach was fast, reliable and surprised the utility contractor, who had been looking for this solution for a long time.
  • cement grouting for LRT tunnel construction

    Cement Grouting in LRT Construction Project

    Toronto, ON
    Performed microfine cement grouting and waterstop operations using polyurethane resins, and provided soil stabilization in cross passage tunnels along the road in a light rail transit (LRT) line construction project.
  • Void Filling in Tunnel Liner at Eglinton Crosstown Project

    Cement Grouting to Fill Voids Behind a Tunnel Liner

    Toronto, ON
    Performed soil stabilization and microfine cement grout injection to fill voids around the tunnel liner at the Eglinton Crosstown Project in Downtown Toronto
  • Soil stabilization for tunnel construction project

    Soil Stabilization in Tunnel Construction Project

    Brampton, ON
    Provided soil stabilization for a complex tunnel project with several site restrictions including no drilling from surface and working in close proximity to sewer and water mains.
  • Soil Stabilization for Utility Contractor

    Soil Stabilization Program for Utility Contractor

    Toronto, ON
    Assisted a utility contractor in the implementation of a soil stabilization program when loose fill was encounter during excavation operations.
  • Soil stabilization in high-rise development construction

    Soil Stabilization for High-rise Development Construction

    Guelph, ON
    A building restoration contractor experienced water leakage into the mechanical room. Polyurethane resin was injected to fill the holes, forming a semi-rigid foam barrier and preventing further water leakage.
  • cement grouting to stabilize retaining toll

    Emergency Cement Grouting Operation to Stabilize a Retaining Wall

    The City of Toronto required Multiurethanes' technical expertise for an emergency cement grouting project to stabilize an undermined retaining wall over a 50 m length.

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