Typical Water Cut-Off challenges resolved by our hands-on technicians
include large-volume high-pressure water inflows,
and construction through broken and water-bearing ground conditions.

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Leaking rock conditions in hydro electrical infrastructure

Stop flowing leaks in shored excavations

Leak sealing in sanitary sewer system

Tunnel construction and maintenance

Leak sealing through voids in caisson walls

Leaking concrete construction joints

Water Cut-Off Projects

  • Water cutoff in a sewer rehabilitation project

    Leak Sealing in Sewer Rehabilitation Project

    Markham, ON
    Implemented a specialized leak sealing solution and customized grouting equipment to repair leaks in a large diameter sewer pipe for a municipal sewer rehabilitation project.
  • Artesian water control by chemical grouting

    Artesian Water Control in Sampling well

    Windsor, ON
    Engaged in a chemical grout application based on polyurethane resin injection, as the appropriate water cut-off solution for a sampling well that intersected a high volume artesian water flow.
  • high-volume water stop project in tunnel shaft

    High-volume Water Stop Project

    Toronto, ON
    Water inflows through a caisson wall jeopardized a tunnel construction schedule. Multiurethanes designed and completed a chemical grouting program to stop the leaks and get the project back on schedule.
  • water cut-off in precast manhole segments

    Water cut-off in Pre-cast Segments

    Mississauga, ON
    Worked onsite in a water cut-off operation to seal active inflows through pre-cast manhole segments.
  • Waterstop profile installation in pre-cast concrete

    Waterstop Profile Installation in Precast Concrete

    Fort McMurray, AB
    Assisted the installation of Hydrotite waterstop profile in precast concrete panels in the construction of a headwall as part of the overflow system at an oil sands facility
  • Pressure grouting for railway repairs

    Pressure Grouting for Railway Repair

    Toronto, ON
    Our technical team developed a solution to lift train track crossings on wood ties by pressure grouting under the tracks. This new approach was fast, reliable and surprised the utility contractor, who had been looking for this solution for a long time.
  • cement grouting for LRT tunnel construction

    Cement Grouting in LRT Construction Project

    Toronto, ON
    Performed microfine cement grouting and waterstop operations using polyurethane resins, and provided soil stabilization in cross passage tunnels along the road in a light rail transit (LRT) line construction project.
  • Water cut-off in tunnel shaft for an utilities company

    Water Cut-off in a Tunnel Shaft

    Brampton, ON
    Engaged on an energy transmission facility expansion project, performing a water cut-off operation in a tunnel shaft liner for a major utility company.
  • Soil stabilization for tunnel construction project

    Soil Stabilization in Tunnel Construction Project

    Brampton, ON
    Provided soil stabilization for a complex tunnel project with several site restrictions including no drilling from surface and working in close proximity to sewer and water mains.
  • Chemical Grouting to Stop Water Seepage into Utility Chamber

    Guelph, ON
    Engaged in water stop project to seal joints in precast underground utility chamber where infiltration was inevitable due to a high-water table.
  • Chemical grouting for underground utilities

    Chemical Grouting for Underground Utilities

    Guelph, ON
    After leaks in underground vaults damaged sensitive equipment, Multiurethanes used an experienced confined space entry team to perform strategic polyurethane injection work to stop the leaks.
  • water cut-off in hard rock tunnel

    Innovative Water Cut Off Solution for a Hard Rock Tunnel

    A large tunneling contractor found itself in a difficult situation with a large flowing water leak in a new rock tunnel 20 metres underground. An innovative solution involving chemical grouting through single grout hole injection while isolating and identifying nearby localized leaks was successfully implemented.

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